Tawad Naman, Suki: Filipino Christmas Purchasing Habits

December 14, 2018
December 14, 2018 Roy Selbach

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With the growth of mass production and innovation throughout the world, there has been a major shift worldwide. From spending behaviors being based on function, it has now shifted into becoming more materialistic and aesthetic. Vanity has then become a major focus for many researchers as a way of knowing a person’s materialism.

For Filipinos, there is a huge variety of factors to look into especially now as Christmas season rolls in and gift shopping is on a high. At this point, it’s good to focus on 4 categories: beauty, hygiene, health and ease. These are vital in explaining their buying behavior because it shows a key aspect of their buying culture.

1 / Beauty : Filipinos put importance into looking good

Filipino women are very particular in their looks and care for it a lot. More than half of them would actually want to change up their hair and improve their skin complexion.

This had brought upon an increase in the purchasing of conditioners and lotions in the past 5 years.

Being majorly influenced by the Western looks, being fair is a prime factor in being beautiful in Filipinos. The rate of purchasing whitening products steadily grow over the years despite campaigns promoting loving being ‘morena’.

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The purchases of whitening lotions grew by 8% while regular non-whitening ones only rose by 5%.

This fascination with beauty is also absorbed by household both young (with children 12 years and below) to old (children are 19 years and up). Most of which buy makeup online while skincare is done in store.

The season will bring about a lot of family reunions so everyone will be on the hunt for items to make them look and feel good. It would be best to throw in deals and packages for beauty treatments and items. This will give your brand a lot more attention and may continue on the rest of the coming year.

2 / Hygiene: Germs are everywhere.

With so much new viruses going on, the rise for hygiene products is not surprising. Filipinos ended up buying 19% more hand sanitizers and 9% more baby wipes. More known brands are also releasing their own versions of this like Cleene and Safeguard.

With many streets and roads filled with pollution, Filipinos are extra careful in all that they touch and are exposed to. Face masks are now being sold by many street vendors as a way to combat all the smoke especially when commuting.

There was also a 54% increase in the purchases of razers along with 11% in panty liners and sanitary pads. This is also probably affected by the constant rise in population every year.

This Christmas season, there are plenty of people who gift items that are not used again like keychains and picture frames. It would probably be good to create gift sets with hygienic items inside that’s sure to be used in the coming year.

3 / Health: Rise of Healthy Ingredients and Superfoods

With the worldwide absorption into living and eating healthier, Filipinos are slowly getting into this process as well. With the rise of the TRAIN law, there’s also more reason to just consume less sugar. Though the fun run trend seems to dying down, there are a lot more new active activities that are growing in the metro.

There has been the growth of cycling driven by SoulCycle in the US. Boxing gyms have also become a norm with so much branches of Elorde. One of the main things that have been growing in the past two years is Anytime Fitness as it allows workers from BPO companies with graveyard shifts to still maintain an active lifestyle with their 24/7 gym services.

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There’s also the growth of zero waste and vegan movements which can be associated with this. There are so many new brands that offer sustainable goods and vegan alternatives. We’ll have to see as to whether this is just a fad or if it’s here to stay. From shampoo bars to eco-friendly laundry detergents, the Philippine market is growing to get them all.

This would be a great time to find a growing healthy trend abroad and bring it here because the people are interested. Superfood Grocer has become known for making most of these healthy items available and they are earning a lot from it.

There has also been a steady increase in Filipino’s purchases of soy milk, fruit juices and energy drinks. They are truly interested and invested in living healthier based on these stats.

4 / Convenience: Everything on the Go

source: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwirmePXtZ7fAhWMyLwKHfuHDeQQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ecomparemo.com%2Finfo%2Fstores-manipulate-your-five-senses-to-make-you-buy-more-heres-how%2F&psig=AOvVaw17cCRCXSk9w_uAIgKoHI7O&ust=1544845834844250

With so much CBDs becoming more and more fast paced, Filipinos now look for food choices that are fast and convenient. There has been a steady growth of choices for ready to drink coffee and chocolate drinks. Instant noodles and canned food are also an easy staple in Filipino households. All of these are for days we just can’t be bothered to cook.

Convenience Store Takeover

In the past, there were only two dominating convenience stores, namely Mini Stop and 7/11. Currently, there are so much more choices and competitors that are gaining attention like Lawson, Family Mart and All Day. There is really money to be earned in these stores and that they are a sure earner. Practically every street in Makati and Ortigas has one of these stores and they show no signs of closing down anytime soon.

Some have integrated the health factor like 7/11 who has offered healthier options in their ready to eat meals like salads and fruit packs. Lawson meanwhile has created a more unique choice of meals in its menu with slightly more complex flavors. Family Mart is known for their twirl-all-you-can ice cream promo which people come back to constantly. Mini Stop is a steady winner for their Uncle John’s fried chicken which is constantly compared to more expensive fast food joints. Lastly, All Day is a newcomer but is growing because of their slightly higher end offers from bread to the actual design of their stores.

As you can see, each store has it’s own specialty. This is something you can look into if you are planning on starting or franchising your own convenience store. It’s all about choosing the right location and from there, it will just have constant sales and require little promotion.

If you’re thinking of opening a new business or you already have one, you can offer Christmas packages and other promos related to these for better response from the Filipino market.

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