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Increase your revenue by up to x15 with digital marketing

We’re not talking about simple digital marketing.
We’re talking about RESULT-DRIVEN MARKETING, that will help to scale your business.


Before you look away, you might be thinking…

1. I’ve run ads before. And they didn’t work! They just cost me more money!

2. I’ve hired an agency before. And they’re way too expensive to make any revenue.

3. I’ve hired and trained my own employees. And they didn’t perform as well as you expected.

And the truth is, you’re right. Digital agencies and employees are expensive and digital marketing and ads cost you money, if not done right.

We know that. But we don’t let it happen to our clients because we do digital marketing the right way. We’ve successfully created a workflow and methodology that helped many SMEs, start-ups, and large
enterprises generate revenue online. This will save you a lot of sleepless nights.

In fact, there’s a reason why over 100+ well-known clients all over the world have chosen EOI Digital for their business growth in.

Some of the trusted companies we helped.

We’re rated 4.8/5 from our customers reviews.

No. 1 on Sortlist as Digital Marketing Agency

5 out of 5 stars on Google Business

No. 1 Best Social Media Agency

5 out of 5 stars on Facebook

No. 1 on Clutch.co as Digital Marketing Agency

Just look at the numbers

We’ve launched social ad campaigns with an average ROAS of 21+, which generated over $180,000+ USD per month

Check out one of our clients, we helped skyrocket their sales with an average ROAS of 21+ (return on advertising spend) generating around 2,200 purchases, which resulted in €152,000 ($180,000) revenue per month. Whereas we only spend around $8,000 per month on advertisements.

We’ve reached millions of people organically, without spending a dime on advertising

EOI Digital helped the world’s largest media channel Tencent – WeTV grow their media channel to 30k+ followers and reached 100+ million users 100% organically from scratch. We made sure that there was tons of content flowing on all the channels with a tailored strategy aimed on getting the highest engagement from our audience.

EOI Digital combines creativity and analytics to get the job done. We help our clients transition easily into the digital space so they get the best possible results for their business. By choosing us, digital marketing becomes easy.

Award-winning Full-service agency

Worked with over 100+ companies

Globally recognized clients

100% Result-driven

Transparent fees

So if you’d like to take advantage of what digital marketing can offer…

Book a FREE consultation with one of our experts

Normal price is 135 USD /Ph

During this FREE call we make sure we fully understand your company:

What is your product or service about?

Who is your ideal customer

What are your pain points?

What are your hurdles?

What is your current set-up?

What do you need?

Which opportunities have a direct effect?

After the call we will create a crystal clear 90-days plan for your business containing all the assets and channels you need to grow your business.

And we will give it to you for 100% for free.

What are you waiting for? Stop stalling and put digital in motion.

Scale your business now!

What are you waiting for? Stop stalling and put digital in motion.

Not convinced? Keep reading!


Data is everything. We can tell you all day about how important it is but why don’t we show you instead? Allow us to demonstrate how we have helped clients with their businesses.

EOI helped a client get 1,200 orders in 1 month, starting from scratch.

This client didn’t have any sales pages set-up and was trying to get sales with only organic content. We noticed that we had to change their mindset. After an in-depth analysis, we came with a tailored strategy that was far beyond the expectations of the client. After launching the ads, their sales immediately spiked with hundreds of orders per day. In total within the timespan of just 2 weeks we’ve generated around 1.200 orders.

Working with a $8,000 ad budget, EOI generated over 23,500+ leads and 2,750+ app installs

One of our clients was just about to launch their new developed app in the android & app store. We were already helping them with generating tens of thousands of leads per month (23.5k+) successfully, but we even found a better way to use the data that we already had to launch new animations & images for their app installs. This resulted in generating 2.7k+ app installs in just a few days! The conversion-rate from installation to actual clients also become way more successful with the app installs.

EOI also generated €26,000+ on reservations booked with a Google Ads budget of €3,000 for another client

For a local business that had no digital strategy, we’ve developed a highly-converting sales page with a dedicated booking system. By running Google ads they finally could see the full power of digital marketing, within a very short time they already managed to reach around 50k euro (60k USD) with 382 bookings per month. With only around 3k usd advertisement budget and being supported with engaging creatives.

Still need more proof?
Check out our cases studies

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Here’s what our clients say about EOI

”Being detail oriented has become my second nature. And, I have to say that EOI digital fully understands the importance of this! The level of work they’ve put in is truly impressive! I believe this is why it’s easy for them to deliver my vision for the brand we’re working on.”

Pawlo Misolas Vargas


”In the ever-changing and multi-faceted landscape of digital marketing, EOI Digital is helping us stay abreast of all the latest tools and trends in the industry. They have helped us to develop our strategy and deliver measurable results.”

Sabrina Mustopo


“Excellent communication and top-notch quality of service. EOI Digital has been a choice to accelerate our company, not only on a technical level, but also business-wise and creatively.”

Gregory Benjamins


Make digital work for your business by starting with digital today!



Running ads isn’t enough to skyrocket your business to success. You need a rock solid ad strategy to guide your actions and lay the groundwork for future efforts. And that’s exactly what EOI provides a creative and result-driven approach of making custom campaigns that work for your business!

By hiring true experts you will be able to:

Freshen up your marketing strategy

Focus on what is more important

Save up on costs and invest more

Get more creative and unique ideas

Set yourself up for the future

We’ve even written the blog: 5 reasons why you should hire an agency about this.

Let the experts do the work for you so you can focus on what’s important – creating an awesome product or service that helps the world. Don’t let your limited time hold your business back from growing into something special!

What do you have to gain: complete clarity about your business growth

What do you have to lose: nothing

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Disclaimer: We currently have an intake cap of around 3-4 clients per month, since of the high demand of our services. So we pick our clients also very carefully.


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