Graphic Design

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Looking for a way to stand out? Let us take care of the most optimal & stunning graphic design for your business. It is vital for your brand to look professional and to have a consistent theme. Your brand is who you are, what you do and who you do it for. This will show how you take your customers and your brand seriously. With effective branding, you won’t need large marketing projects with every new product because your consumer will already have an understanding of what you have to offer.

Leading a well-designed business is leading it towards success.

Why should I use it?

How does it help my brand?

Well when your brand is cohesive and consistent, it can easily lead to more of your target audience to instantly recognize your name and logo. This can eventually lead to loyalty and retention when done effectively. This will also lead to quicker growth of your business which is what you want and what we want for you as well.

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Design that is eye catching, effective and iconic.
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Corporate Identity.

No need for introductions. A corporate identity design should speak for itself.
A well-designed corporate identity always starts with a proper briefing about the brand, the products/service and the target audience.
We can assure that you will have the most effective corporate identity suitable for any and all of your business goals.

Web Design.

No matter how good the content and your product is, the first thing they see is the website. That’s why it’s got to look good. And yet, we all know looking good is only the first part. Looking good won’t equate it’s effectivity. With years of experience in the industry, we always create a seamlessly working, excellent looking & converting design for your website.

Before & After Example

Social Media Content.

Are you on social media? All our research points to yes and one of our secrets to our efficiency and creativity is knowing what your audience loves to engage with. Before we get started with any work, we let our team do research about the most creative & up and coming social media content. We will also advise or execute the create the best outreach for all your social media channels to make sure you’re noticed.

Animations & Videos.

Whether it’s a 30-second ad video, an online series or an awesome animation, our dedicated & creative team will brainstorm and collaborate with you to ensure the best possible output for all your exciting campaigns.


Some of the satisfied clients we helped.


Pawlo Vargas Misolas

Marketing Manager Sprinto

”As a marketing practitioner who have handled brands with strict standard such as Cole Haan and Versace — Being detail oriented has become my second nature. And, I have to say that EOI digital fully understands the importance of this! The level of work they’ve put in is truly impressive! I believe this is why it’s easy for them to deliver my vision for the brand we’re working on.”


Sabrina Mustopo

CEO at Krakakoa

”In the ever-changing and multi-faceted landscape of digital marketing, EOI Digital is helping us stay abreast of all the latest tools and trends in the industry. They have worked with Krakakoa to help us develop our strategy and deliver measurable results.’


Gregory Benjamins


‘Excellent communication and top-notch quality of service. EOI Digital has been a choice to accelerate our company, not only on a technical level, but also business-wise and creatively.”

Creativity makes a difference.

To illustrate the power of creativity you can find some comparison below:

With Excellent Branding


With Poor Branding


With Magnificent Animations


W/O Animations




Operated Countries


Based In Countries


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