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Since people are getting busier, more and more opt to shop online due to its convenience and endless options. More and more brands are going for e-commerce as it is more affordable and easier to maintain. Let your e-commerce brand surpass your competitors with digital marketing. You can reach out to both your existing and new clientele and get your brand noticed not just locally but in the Philippines, Hong Kong and all over Asia.

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Online Marketing Strategies

Boost your firm by making it seem more interesting while maintaining a professional image. Let us help you capture their attention with our digital agency experience. We can help you build trust and support with potential leads to push them into insuring their money with you.

Best Marketing Strategies

In order to market products well, it takes a lot of experience and effort. A digital agency can help you achieve all your marketing goals and more. Your e-commerce can aim for the stars as we help you get ahead of all your competitors with a strategic digital marketing plan. As an e-commerce brand, it’s all about providing an excellent experience for every customer to make sure they respond well and make repeat transactions.

Social Media Marketing

It’s all about choosing the right platform and strategy. By doing so, you can easily get an ROI in no time because people on that platform are interested in what you have to offer. Instead of offering just simple ads, offer them videos and engaging photos of how your product works. Let us help you reach customers from Manila, Hong Kong and all throughout Asia with an effective social media strategy.

Paid Advertisement

Utilize pay per click ads and be the first option people have when they search a related query. By nabbing that top spot, people can easily find your brand and you can increase your leads as you attract people searching for related topics as well. Let our digital agency help you choose the right keywords and phrasing to make the most of your budget and gain leads fast.

Digital makes a difference.

To illustrate the power of online you can find some comparison below:

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With Google Ads


W/O Google Ads


With Social Media


W/O Social Media




Operated Countries


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E-Commerce Business

There’s a reason why e-commerce is becoming a primary way of shopping for people. Looking into insights, you can use data into transforming your e-commerce business into something that continually attracts people. Our digital agency makes sure we work with result-driven strategies so you can ensure our effective delivery of our work. We can work together to boost your brand to the top. From Manila to Hong Kong, you can find leads and build connections.

Website Development

As an e-commerce brand, your website is the most important part. It will be the space wherein people can know all about your products and what you have to offer. This is also where they’ll be shopping your items so it should be a seamless and easy navigation experience for all your visitors. Let us help you create an e-commerce website that’s visually pleasing, easy to navigate and informative. A great website can take your brand all over the world, from the Philippines to the rest of Asia, the options are limitless.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once you’ve got your great website up, it’s not time for it to get noticed. Using SEO will help you achieve this in an organic and long term manner. It takes a lot of effort to do so, that’s why people opt for our digital agency as we research and have tried and tested experience in executing SEO successfully. Let us help you share your brand and optimize it for success with Search Engine Optimization.

What do our clients have to say?

Pawlo Vargas Misolas

Marketing Manager at Sprinto

As a marketing practitioner who have handled brands with strict standard such as Cole Haan and Versace — Being detail oriented has become my second nature. And, I have to say that EOI digital fully understands the importance of this! The level of work they’ve put in is truly impressive! I believe this is why it’s easy for them to deliver my vision for the brand we’re working on.

Sabrina Mustopo

CEO at Krakakoa

In the ever-changing and multi-faceted landscape of digital marketing, EOI Digital is helping us stay abreast of all the latest tools and trends in the industry. They have worked with Krakakoa to help us develop our strategy and deliver measurable results.

Gregory Benjamins


Excellent communication and top-notch quality of service. EOI Digital has been a choice to accelerate our company, not only on a technical level, but also business-wise and creatively.

Boost your Sales and Build Connections

With digital marketing, you can go past boosting sales and work towards creating connections with customers to build their trust and support for your brand wherever they may be. From Manila in the Philippines to Hong Kong and the entirety of Asia, we can take your brand international.

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