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UIX stands for User Interface t Experience and its main priority deals with the user presentation layer of an application. It has added functionality that is used to manage evens and the state of the application flow. It’s designed to create applications through the use of page-based navigation instead of full-featured applications that need advanced interactions. The UIX Kit is an integration of a template for your site or application wherein it takes into account both the visual graphics like the buttons and styles along with the actual user experience like the wireframe and flowcharts.

The UIX Kit is the complete design system from the principles, visual properties, written content to the components. Altogether, it creates a design system that is easy to use for all those managing the site.

Why is UIX Kit important in your business?

A UIX Kit has so many benefits for both the brand and the users. As a brand, it allows you to create a template for any page you create so that it has a consistent look and feel. It will make it easy for you if you have to make edits later on. There’s no need to start from scratch so you are able to save time and money for your web designers. You can also bring in new people and they can easily transition just by following the kit.

Meanwhile, it helps the users as they are able to predict the website or application’s process and will be able to understand it more. It also gives them a better experience both visually and for the actual activity of getting around different pages. They are also able to know your brand through the consistent use of branding and can trust your brand to be professional which builds a better connection.

What we can do for you?

We can help you create a detailed and robust UIX kit that can grow with your brand. We can provide you a UIX Kit that allows an open and flexible framework for development. We will customize its features to your different development needs while fitting it to your preferred back-end data technologies. We can create project overviews, user flows, customer roadmaps to templates of your core website elements. We know it can get overwhelming so we’re always open to showing you samples to see which style best suits your business.

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