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Personal Website.

Personal websites have become more and more common in cultivating an image. A personal website created for individuals to have content that is more of a personal nature than a companies’, organizations’ or institutions’. It has become more known in the professional industry, specifically as a great advantage when it comes to job hunting. There has been a steady growth of personal websites with the rise of millenials being a part of the working class.

It is used mostly for informative and entertainment purposes and occasionally for personal career marketing. That means it includes the person’s skills, experience and CV with the website being somewhat a portfolio. It can also be a form of social networking with others who have shared interests as well as a platform for self expression.

Why is a Personal Website important to your business?

Introduce yourself! Personal websites are becoming more and more essential as millenials continue to show how they are multidimensional. While a resume is usually for a one career focus, our talent and experience doesn’t work on a simple resume anymore. With skills, experience and interests spanning several categories, placing it on a single piece of paper just won’t cut it. With a website, you can add all those extra parts and show how your interests are interrelated.

Your website will go past showing off your professional wins and be able to let them know you on a more multifaceted note. You can also place sections for more casual interactions if you also want to become a blogger for a certain niche like travel, food and lifestyle. The opportunities in a personal website are endless.

What we can do for you?

We can help you create your own personal website that will let the world know of all your accomplishments in a professionally creative way. We are always happy to collaborate with you to make sure that your site personifies you and tells the story you want it to tell. Our team is always there every step of the way. We can help you from planning the pages you’d need to making it visually appealing and creating graphics and other materials to attract future clients. We will also make sure that your visitors will have an excellent user experience to encourage them to explore your site and get to know you more.

Some works we’d like to show off.

We’ve got a variety of services such creating one of a kind websites that showcase your brand to updating your existing one. Let your audience you are their top priority with an unforgettable and seamless user experience.

“I Could Show—Rather Than Tell—My Skills”

His site includes articles he was able to place for various companies in national and local media outlets, as well as examples of his own thought leadership. “During the initial phone screen interview, I was able to direct the recruiter to the site so they could see the experiences and work examples I had,” he explains. “That went a long way to making me stand out from other candidates who may not have had a handy website and may have been waiting for in-person opportunities to share their work.”

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