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Krakakoa - Sustainable Chocolate

Consumer Product | Social Media Ad Funnel

Penetrating the online industry, and especially with chocolate isn’t easy. Krakakao’s goal was to achieve global awareness. But even in her own country, Indonesian beans had a reputation of being poor quality. It was difficult to increase awareness of her products and her mission to the public because they had no website or any other online platform to do so. The company needed to increase their reach and engagement to allow people to see the Indonesia, her products and Krakakoa from a different perspective: that Krakakoa is more than just an ordinary chocolate.

Sprinto - Minimal Sunglasses

Fashion | Creative Instagram & Minimalistic Website

Sprinto is an eyewear brand that caters to trendy fashion while providing modern technologies for glasses. A popular eyewear brand for men, Sprinto has grown tremendously with creative branding and online presence. Key elements to the company creative outlet are engaging animations, a creative social media feed and minimalistic web development. Sprinto has many physical stalls, billboard ads, and print ads across the country. But digital is more supporting of their campaigns.

Da Giovanni - Italian Restaurant

Restaurant | Paid Advertisement Conversion-Driven ROI

Da Giovanni was founded in 1995. They have been an established restaurant since then, offering Italian cuisines like pasta and pizza with a strong brand and discernible products and services. However, the recent trends of the food and dining industry has left them behind. Technology made its way to marketing and customer service. Da Giovanni needed to upgrade their website by placing more creative content and better material. And they needed a way to make online reservations, which is a modern staple for the restaurant business. Key solutions to the company’s growth are creative and engaging graphic design, a conversion-driven website, and Google Ads campaigns.

Seven Clean Seas - Beach Cleanup

Organization – Website Development

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