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As a hotel, your clients can come from anywhere in the world. They can come from Manila, Hong Kong, all over Asia, if not all over the globe. This is why the hotel industry is one of those who can benefit from digital marketing the most. With digital marketing, you can reach all your clients and allow them to choose you with the assurance that you can deliver a quality stay. From a beautiful website to a well-planned marketing strategy, these can bring your hotel those high level clients you want to bring you to success.

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Marketing for hospitality and tourism

Want to get that 5 star rating from well-known clients? Digital Marketing is the first and important step towards that as this will be their first encounter with you so you have to make a great impression. By doing so, they can come into your hotel with a good displacement and later on, refer you their other friends and family. And as we all know, a happy client is a returning client.

Hotel Marketing Strategy

First impressions make a huge difference especially if you’re in the hotel industry. When they take a first glance at your website and it seems out of date, then they’d immediately feel that your hotel is out of date too. As a part of the tourism industry, it’s an important thing to keep yourself on top of trends as most stays nowadays are prioritized by its branding and how picture worthy it is.

Website Development

Rather than having them lead to a review website upon searching for your hotel, it’s a much better impression for them to immediately see that you have a website. It makes it easier for them to stay focused on what you have to offer with no distraction of those sites offering your competition as well. Let us help you create a more legitimate and trustworthy image with a stunning website. This can easily increase the likelihood of staying with you, despite never having visited, to a much higher level.

Graphic Design

Great visuals can create great differences in how people perceive your business. Most up and coming hotels now are getting known due to their branding that is very appealing to the visitors. While some think this is just limited to the hotel themselves, the extra but essential step is making them feel this way from the get go. Let us help you create stunning visuals that can attract more clients and make you the ‘IT’ hotel for every season.

Digital makes a difference.

To illustrate the power of online you can find some comparison below:

With SEO




With Google Ads


W/O Google Ads


With Social Media


W/O Social Media




Operated Countries


Based In Countries

Hotel Advertisement

Your hotel may look the best and feel the best but if people don’t know it actually exists then these efforts are wasted. By employing strategic advertising, you can target the right people and limit your budget to just how much you’re willing to spend. It no longer matters where your client is from whether it be the Philippines, Hong Kong or anywhere in Asia, it’s where your hotel can make them feel that will be the final push of getting them to stay. Take that extra step of getting a digital agency to help you brand your hotel to a 5 star level.

Social Media Marketing

Every vacation now ends up in social media so this is something you can very much utilize as a hotel. Let us help you utilize these channels by looking into the existing reviews and photos of your hotel and using them to further improve your online presence. As a digital agency we can get your hotel into social media advertising and be able to target any audience that you want.Reach an audience not just in Manila or Hong Kong but expand your client base to Asia.

Paid Advertisement

Get your hotel noticed every time someone searches a related query. Appear at the top of search engines with paid advertising. This ensures you that your advertising goes to those who are more than likely to be in the process of looking for a place to stay increasing your potential clients. Let us help you create effective advertisements and schedule it with the best keywords to ensure the best results.

What do our clients have to say?

Pawlo Vargas Misolas

Marketing Manager at Sprinto

As a marketing practitioner who have handled brands with strict standard such as Cole Haan and Versace — Being detail oriented has become my second nature. And, I have to say that EOI digital fully understands the importance of this! The level of work they’ve put in is truly impressive! I believe this is why it’s easy for them to deliver my vision for the brand we’re working on.

Sabrina Mustopo

CEO at Krakakoa

In the ever-changing and multi-faceted landscape of digital marketing, EOI Digital is helping us stay abreast of all the latest tools and trends in the industry. They have worked with Krakakoa to help us develop our strategy and deliver measurable results.

Gregory Benjamins


Excellent communication and top-notch quality of service. EOI Digital has been a choice to accelerate our company, not only on a technical level, but also business-wise and creatively.

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With digital marketing you can have your hotel fully booked constantly. With our digital agency, we can help you utilize this and expand to the Manila, Philippines or anywhere in Asia. We’re here to support you as you beat your competition on that top spot.

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